Gwentaa offers applications that improve dealer operational efficiency and their bottom line by bringing together information from multiple applications. Gwentaa applications bridge the boundaries between your applications helping you run your business faster and better.


Our Supply Intelligence tool gives your Helpdesk instant access to multiple sources of information, enabling them to handle customer calls in less than half the time, reducing your supply costs due to the availability of complete information. Your staff will know when they should not send toner, and when to send more toner, and will have the information to explain their decision logically to the customer.


Our Device Management integration tools let you better utilize FM Audit and Print Audit by helping prepare for installations and manage their health by combining in depth information from both your ERP and your Device Management application in a single screen.


Our software bridges the gaps between eAutomate or OMD and FM Audit , Print Audit or Print Tracker. This integration improves the operational efficiency of your help desk, supplies team and your contract billing group.

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