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Supply Intelligence

Start reducing your consumables cost today. Ship the right amount and the right time.
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Supporting FM Audit, Print Fleet , Print Audit and Print Tracker.

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What people are saying

Supply Intelligence has made a major impact on our bottom line.

Gwentaa provided us with an exceptional product in the supply intelligence tool. In 6 short months of using the tool we were able to drop our supply cost of goods over 10%.

With the ability to see all data in one central location our average phone time dropped from 5 minutes per call to 2 minutes per call. This tool has allowed not only for a cost savings but a time savings so reps can focus on additional tasks and projects.

This product is a must have for any company looking to cut supply cost and justify what supplies are leaving your warehouse.

Melissa Sharrocks
Aftermarket Support Manager


I would like to thank the wonderful team at Gwentaa for developing a product that not only cut our supply cost by almost 20% but also allows our supply team to have the information they need at their fingertips to work with our customers in a professional and well informed manner.

Our customers are impressed with the knowledge our supply team is able to share with them.

Supply Intelligence does what they say it does... and more!!

Debra Dennis
Vice President of Support Services


The Supply Intelligence tool has been a tremendous asset for Xerox Business Services.

It has allowed our supply order takers to have more information than the customer has. This enables the customer support teams to be in control during a customer supply order, managing and verifying automated supply alerts more efficiently.

The tool allows for tracking of deliveries, historical shipments and real time on hand quantity checks plus much more.
Drew Gabel, Corporate Service Support Manager

Drew Gabel
Corporate Service Support Manager

Xerox Business Services