Pop Direct -

Faster Order processing for e-Automate

 What is it?

A better way to submit orders

Stop sending orders one at a time.

With just one click per vendor, PoP Direct will send all your orders - whether it's one or one thousand!

Simplify the process with PoP Direct.

Use eAgent to turn Sales Orders into Purchase Orders.

Then let PoP Direct sends all those orders to the vendor's portal. Send them when you choose, or an a schedule - it's your choice.

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How does it help?

Save time through
faster automation

You know who your preferred vendors are.

Instead of selecting those vendors for every order, let the system work for you.

Save yourself 30-60 seconds per order over PO Processor, or minutes per order over using a vendor portal.

Fully compatible with PO Processor (tm DGI) so you can use PO Receiver as well.

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More vendors are coming.

PoP Direct is fully compatible with both PO Processor and PO Receiver.

Is your preferred vendor not listed?

Contact us, and we will work with them to add them to the Pop Direct family.

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